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Lietuvių Namų metinis ataskaitinis narių susirinkimas (už 2019 ir 2020 m.), įvyks 2021 m. lapkričio 21 d.,sekmadienį, 1:00 v.p.p. Lietuvių Namų patalpose,1573 Bloor St. W., Toronto, ON.

Dalyvių registracija prasidės 12:00 v.p.p.


The Annual Meeting of Members (for the 2019 & 2020 fiscal years), of the Lithuanian Community Association of Toronto, will be held on Sunday, November 21, 2021,1:00 p.m. Lithuanian House 1573 Bloor St. W., Toronto ON

Registration to commence at 12:00 p.m.





NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that an annual meeting (the Meeting) of members of the Lithuanian Community Association of Toronto (the Corporation) will be held at Lithuanian House, 1573 Bloor Street West, Toronto, Ontario M6P 1A6, on Sunday, November 21, 2021, at 1:00 PM (EDT – Toronto time), for the following purposes:

  1. To receive the reports of the Corporation’s Board of Directors, Internal Audit Committee, and Independent Auditor (the Auditor), as well as to receive the Corporation’s audited financial statements for its fiscal years ended December 31, 2019 and December 31, 2020. Copies of such financial statements and the Auditor’s reports will be available at the Corporation’s Office (1573 Bloor Street West, Toronto) by November 1, 2021, and at the Meeting;
  2. To appoint the Auditor for the Corporation’s fiscal year ending December 31, 2021 and to authorize the directors to fix the remuneration of the Auditor. Chaplin & Co. is currently the Auditor of the Corporation and the Board of Directors is recommending that they be reappointed for the fiscal year ending December 31, 2021;
  3. To elect eight (8) directors and three (3) internal audit committee members.
  4. To transact such other business as may properly be brought before the Meeting.

Registration for the Meeting will begin at 12:00 p.m. COVID-19 PROTOCOL IN EFFECT. PROOF OF VACCINATION REQUIRED. Members will be asked to confirm their identity at the time of registration, and for this purpose, are reminded to bring and have with them, a valid piece of Canadian-issued photo identification. If the member is an organization, the signatures of two signing officers are required.

To be valid, ALL PROXIES MUST BE SUBMITTED to the LCAT office at 1573 Bloor Street West, Toronto, ON M6P 1A6, by 5 p.m. EDT by November 18, 2021. All forms must contain original signatures. Proxy Forms may be picked up at the LCAT office Monday to Friday between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., up to November 18, 2021.

To be valid, a proxy from a member organization shall be signed by two of the organization’s signing officers who shall certify that the individual exercising the proxy on behalf of the organization has been authorized to attend and vote on the member organization’s behalf. Proxy forms may be picked up at the LCAT office Monday to Friday between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., up to November 18, 2021.

All candidates for election to the Board of Directors or the Audit Committee must consent in writing in order to be nominated and submit their consent to the LCAT office up to or at the Meeting.

Please note, that only those members currently registered in the Register of Members of the Corporation, as of the date of this notice, will be entitled to attend and vote at the Meeting. Requests to join the membership, including requests for transfers, will be considered after November 21, 2021.

Please also note, that the membership mailing will be sent to members by November 1, 2021 and should be received within 2 weeks time. Members who do not receive the mailing by November 15, 2021 are asked to contact the LCAT office to verify their address by phone: 416-532-3311 ext.1 or email: and will be sent the mailing once they have supplied their current mailing address to the office.

DATED the 18th day of October, 2021